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Art Worlds: About the Brazilian art scene

May 16, 2010

Bocconi University:
Piazza Sraffa 13
Velodromo N14
June 10, 2010
14:30 – 18,00
To investigate the new in contemporary arts means to look at complex and multilayered production and exchange systems, whose capabilities are related to individual and collective competences, public and private policies, institutions (museums, art schools, private galleries and non profit centers), cultural attitudes (the perception of the relevance of the arts, presence and tolerance toward subcultures), spaces and urban landscapes.
The most vibrant scenes are now a day mainly concentrated in large urban environments, regional cities, that include several ethnicities, cultures, suburbs, and a wide set of real estate realities, infrastructural dynamics and interests.
The purpose of this seminar series is to highlight the complexity surrounding the development of cultural / arts policies and, moreover, the integration of different contributions that are now producing vibrant and innovative art scenes, in which individual and collective dynamics are involved as well as economic, institutional, political stakes.
ASK Research Center in collaboration with Ms ACME of Bocconi University developed a field research project dedicated to the condition of the visual art scene development in large and growing urban spaces.  The research took its first experimental steps in Los Angeles and Mumbai and last year took off with a group work in Brazil and particularly in the S. Paolo and Rio de Janeiro urban environments. A job that lead to the identification of more than 50 nodes representing a significant part of the contemporary Brazilian art scene.
StartMilano is the Association that groups the main galleries of Milano, particularly those that are operating in the primary art market of the city. An association that is deeply interested in developing relations with Brazilian artists and collectors, and in diffusing a better understanding of the best ecological conditions (read policies and public private partnerships) for the development of art worlds.
This seminar will offer the opportunity to share the knowledge, the cases and the interviews collected in the field work by the group of Bocconi University and to integrate it with a set of contents provided by artists, curators, institutions that are now operating in the Brazilian scene. A further objective will be to suggest an indirect comparison between the condition of the art worlds looking also at the case of Milan.
– ­Stefano Baia Curioni – Pasquale Leccese (StartMilano) – Kiki Sideris
New Art Scenes and Big Cities (Brazil edition; Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo)
presentation of the ACME study tour research project  and presentation of the web site, – ASK research center
Panel presentations (part 1)
– Paola Colacurcio (Galleria Progetti, Rio de Janeiro)
– Fabiana De Barros (artist, São Paulo/Geneva)
– Antonio Dias (artist, Rio de Janeiro/Milan)
– Deborah Hirsch (artist, São Paulo/Milan)
– Marco Bazzini and  Atto Belloli Ardessi (Centro Pecci, Prato)
Coffee Break
Panel presentations (part 2)
– Enrico Salis (designer, Belo Horizonte/Milan)
– Adelina von Furstenberg (Art for the World, Geneva)
– Stefano Baia Curioni – Pasquale Leccese (StartMilano)
There could be the possibility attending the following event after the seminar:
A project of MITO and Bocconi University in collaboration with Sentieri selvaggi
Thursday, June 10,  2010
At 18.30, Bocconi University
Via Roentgen
Musica e Politica
con la testimonianza di
Enrico Letta
Piercarlo Sacco, violino
Enrica Meloni, violino
Svetlana Fomina, viola
Aya Shimura, violoncello
Coordina Francesca Colombo
Short Description of the Speakers
Stefano Baia Curioni is the director of the Masters of Science in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment (ACME) and the vice president of ASK research center at Bocconi University.
Pasquale Leccese is the director of the gallery Le Case d’Arte in Milan and the president of STARTMILANO.
Paola Colacurcio is the director of Galeria Progetti in Rio de Janeiro.
Fabiana de Barros (artist): born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Lives and works in Geneva.
Antonio Dias (artist): born in Campina Grande, Paraíba, Brazil. Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro and Milan.
Debora Hirsch (artist):  born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Lives and works in Milan.
Marco Bazzini is the artistic director of the Center of Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci in Prato, Italy
Atto Belloli Ardessi is a professor at the Politecnico University of Milan. He was one of the curators of the exhibition After Utopia. A View on Brazilian Contemporary Art that took place at Centro Pecci in Prato, Italy.
Enrico Salis is an Italian designer who lives and works between Brazil and Italy.
Adelina von Furstenberg is a curator and the founder of the NGO, Art for the World.
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