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Batman Zavareze


Batman Zavareze is a visual artist from Rio de Janeiro. He graduated in Visual Communication and also studied painting, photography of cinema, and documentary direction.  He began his career at MTV-Rio in 1992. He was a resident of art at “Fabrica”, the research center of Communication of Benetton for one year (1998-99). For four years he was responsible for the direction of image and branding for the Sandpiper fashion brand and was general director and scenographer of the brand during the Rio Fashion Week. Batman has also worked on multidisciplinary projects related to image for Brazilian and international TV channels including MTV-Brazil, Multishow, GNT, Sport TV, Future, TV Senac, People n Arts, Discovery, and Rai Due. His work has been published and displayed in magazines, books and exhibitions nationally and internationally. He is also the founder and curator of the project Multiplicidade>Imagem_Som_Inusitados, a festival of audiovisual performances by artists from around the world which has been held regularly for the past five years. His company, 27 Mais 1 Comunicação Visual directs events for company conventions, fashion shows and plays that involve technology as a means of communication.

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Multiplicidade is a festival that presents audio and visual artists in a performance that combines digital art and contemporary music through the use of new technologies. The festival was created five years ago by Batman Zavareze, who continues to direct it. The festival takes place in Rio de Janeiro at the Oi Futuro art and technology cultural centre and at the Oi Casa Grande Theatre. Multiplicidade seeks to create a legacy that will help increase the independent access to digital culture and to promote a global network that is concerned with the interactions between art and technology through new digital media. The Festival also seeks to promote the exchange and expansion of new ideas and to experiment with new relationships between the audience and the digital universe. Furthermore, through its image lab, Multiplicidade supports the NGO Oi Kabum, an organization that educates underprivileged youth in multimedia.


Caótica is a graphic design studio founded in 1996 by Leonardo Eyer. Caótica aims to create an exclusive visual identity for their clients that differentiates them from competitors, thus adding value to the brand. They do both marketing and graphic design. More specifically, Caótica works on projects associated with cultural areas such as fashion, music, events, theatre, cinema and dance.


The meeting took place in the graphic design studio Caótica in Rio de Janeiro on April 3rd 2009. The studio was full of graphic designers diligently working on various projects. We were led into an office where Batman Zavareze, Leonardo Eyer and Billy Bacon spoke about their respective projects and responsibilities. Leonardo Eyer is the founder and creative director of Caótica. Billy Bacon is resposible for design coordination in the marketing part of Caótica.

Talking about Caótica, Leonardo Eyer explained that they have both a marketing and a creative department and that their focus is in the cultural area. In this sector, clients expect a more personal and artistic style in the final products that the studio produces for them. According to Eyer, marketing has boundaries and an absence of style, it is a fast process. On the other hand, graphic design is a slower process and is more expressive and artistic.

Batman, Leonardo and Billy are all part of the group of people that graduated right after the dictatorship, they make up the first design generation in Brazil.

Batman spoke about the Multiplicidade Festival. Multiplicidade was an opportunity for this first generation of designers to do a festival in Rio when nobody else was doing them. Batman and Leonardo work together, Batman directing and documenting the events and Leonardo attracting people. The only media they use to promote the events is the internet. Multiplicidade is a sort of marathon that starts in May and ends December. Batman described the festival as an experimental and immersive mix of media that has a fresh approach to the use of technology. Multiplicidade is a laboratory where an unusual mix takes place between images, music and performance. An example of a performance in the festival is Do Geraldo’s constructed instrument made up of 72 different instruments played while another musician was mixing music electronically. The festival’s events are happenings and every project is a new challenge.

They also spoke about Oi Futuro, an association with various partnerships including Multiplicidade. This partnership is important because both groups are ultimately trying to achieve social inclusion through technology. They intrigue audiences by presenting art linked to new technology in sound, image and movement as created and experimented by people from different parts of the world to create non-replicable unique performances. Multiplicidade performances take place at Oi Futuro Theater and they support the NGO Oi Kabum in educating underprivileged youth. The school of art of Oi Futuro is very cheap, in order to allow everyone to attend. Billy Bacon teaches for free at the school.

by Kiki Sideris


Courtesy of Batman Zavareze

Multiplicidade website

Caotica website

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