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Centro de Referência da Música Carioca


Our meeting was with Neco, a music producer. Neco explained that the Centro de Referencia de Musica Carioca was founded in 2007 and is totally funded by the public government.  It is a music school for children from favelas and it is located in a dangerous area near the favelas. The center also organizes concerts and produces CDs (both of young and emerging artists and of old artists of the samba school that never had CDs). The profits from the concerts go primarily (85%) to the artists and 100% of profits from CDs go to the artists. Artists are selected by a special committee and every month, two artists are promoted with 150 copies of their CDs. After publication, the center no longer continues to promote the artists. The center is also thinking about starting a record label.

Their focus is on “carioca music” which includes bossanova, samba and choro (bossanova being exclusively from Rio de Janeiro). For many years there was just bossanova in Rio, then it stopped, and now there was a revival. More recently a funky, Rio style, hip hop (funky carioca) has emerged and is produced in the favelas, where the most interesting production takes place, even if it often has a political orientation. Funky carioca is produced in the favelas and then is listened to throughout the city. An example of such a phenomenon is RacionaisMC who sells his own CDs throughout Rio (2 million copies legally sold).

According to Neco the most important place for music in Rio today is the Lapa area where there are many music schools and venues. Also, the port area is undergoing a regeneration process and samba is at the center of it.

by Kiki Sideris

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