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Galeria Brito


Before founding the gallery with Fabio Cimino, Luciana Brito used to work on the institutional side of the arts. The network she built while working for arts institutions, helped her to open the gallery in 1997. Later, Fabio Cimino left the gallery, leaving Brito as the sole owner and director of the gallery.

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Galeria Brito is a relatively new gallery. It started out in 1997 as Galeria Brito Cimino and more recently was renamed Galeria Brito. The former location of the gallery was in a more central and commercial quarter. The neighbourhood of the gallery’s current location is a peculiar choice for an art gallery, since it is mostly residential, with few commercial activities around. More recently, offices and other commercial activities have started to appear, so more people are coming into the area.

Brito is the first gallery in San Paolo to be built by an architect with the purpose of being an art gallery, without adapting to a former house or other space in order to exhibit art.  It is characterized by an architecture that plays with open spaces, lofts, sitting room and halls that move indoor – outdoor.


The gallery started out by representing 4 artists and today it represents 25, both Brazilian and international.  Contracts usually forecast exclusivity, but with the possibility of collaborating with other galleries around Brazil.  The relation with artists is a real representation, as it implies an active role of the gallery as the centre of communication for the artists;  as a matter of fact, the gallery is not only an exhibition dealer, but it carries out activities in order to foster the artists’ works diffusion, including the release of books and catalogues.  This relation is so strong that Luciana Brito likes to compare it with a marriage, thus also including the possibility of termination.

The group of artists is very heterogeneous, both in terms of age and in terms of type of works (installations, paintings, videos), and the gallery is constantly looking for new collaborations.  This search is carried out with all available tools, such as books, magazines, art fairs, newspapers and Biennials.  The selection is based on Brito’s taste and on the coherence with the crew she already cooperates with, thus without taking into consideration what collectors might think, as the opinion of Brito is that “if I like it, I’m sure I will sell it”.

Some represented artists are already famous worldwide as for example Delson Uchoa, who is the delegate of Brazil in the Venice Biennial.

The main activities of the gallery focus on the primary market, even though they think that art fairs have become more and more important in the past years. As a matter of fact, lately the Brazilian art system has changed and developed, getting closer to the international one.

They cooperate with other national and foreign galleries that choose which artists to bring in their cities.  In particular, Brito gallery is part of an international network of galleries that have decided to work together arranging exhibitions and promoting their artists’ works.

by Giulia Squeri

Galeria Brito website

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