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Galeria Millan


The gallery was born in 1986, but it recently moved to Vila Madalena. Since the 70’s this part of the city has been characterized by a bohemian lifestyle due to the presence of students and artists, low rents and availability of spaces. As a result, galleries have been moving into this quarter more and more. The area has gone through a process of gentrification and it is now increasingly rich and fashionable.  The specific location of the gallery is near other creative groups, however, this fact has never significantly affected its life or its artistic path.

The white building is made up of two floors and an internal courtyard, all arranged as exhibition spaces.


The gallery represents 20 artists, strictly connected with the ideas of its curatorial line, as it does not have a specific curator.

The relation with artists is based on a close cooperation in which the gallery follows the artists’ careers, takes care of their interchanges with cultural institutions and of their publications, developing a serious program of sales in connection with institutional and private collections both in Brazil and abroad.

Twenty years ago the gallery was focused on Brazilian art, as it was very different from foreign art. Nowadays, on the contrary, Galeria Millan works on a more international level, exploiting contacts with institutions in London, Paris, New York, Miami, Stockholm, Madrid and other cities all over the world, sharing with them the promotional aspects of their work.  As a result, the artistic choices of the gallery are more oriented towards European and American markets so the artists it represents are more globalized rather than Brazilian.  Moreover, the gallery also aims at developing an awareness of foreign art among Brazilian viewers and collectors.

by Francesca Mantovani

Galeria Millan website

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