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Galeria Virgilio


The gallery was founded in 2002 by Izabelle Pinhero who has been active in the art market since the 80’s.

She then decided to focus on young Brazilian artists and artists who have emerged since the 80s and have already become famous within the Brazilian artistic scenario.

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The gallery represents 37 artists and organizes two exhibitions per month and a collective exhibition each year.  The artists working with the gallery are Brazilian and not all of them are based in Sao Paulo.

The aim of the gallery is to acquire works of art and to form collections in order to provide guidelines for the art market and to increase the visibility of the selected artists who are supported by the gallery for the inclusion of their works in the institutional and market contexts.

Virgilio gallery focuses on the primary market and it uses art fairs in order to test the possibilities offered to Brazilian art by foreign markets.

Some of the artists represented by the gallery are:

Nino Cais who places colourful everyday household objects on his head and takes pictures of himself.

Edith Derdyk who uses books (European encyclopaedias, as they are old)  and polyester threads holding up heavy pieces of wood back and forth like turning pages – process.  She then takes photos of these works which are themselves artworks.

Alice Shintani who is a former computer engineer and focuses on lights and pastel colours.  She is influenced by both her Japanese origin and the recent Brazilian art history.

Nazareno who was educated in all fine arts and tries to use all of them in his works.  He studies and concentrates on people, developing ironic works with focus on human conditions and perceptions of cultures.  He usually represents everyday objects in very small versions in order to convey the message that small things are those that really matter in life.

by Giulia Squeri

Galeria Virgilio website

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