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Pontos da Cultura

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The 1600 m2 building in Cidade dos Tiradentes needed a lot of renovation in order to be able to host a cultural centre where meaningful activities could be provided for the community of residents. For this reason, the new-born theatre company “Pombas Urbana” decided to apply for the National programme of Pontos da Cultura in order to receive funds for the renovation process.

In 2007 the cultural centre “Arte em construcao” (Building Art) became a Ponto Da Cultura and received funds from the Ministry of Culture.

The name of the space symbolizes both the structural renovation that was beginning and the cultural renewal that was about to take place with the new theatre company having a place to meet.

After a few months, theatre courses for young people started as well as cultural events. When the groups finally received more funds from the ministry they were also able to offer free internet workspaces, informatics, web design courses and workshops. Moreover they build up a 6000 books library donated by the community.

All the cultural centre’s activities are planned and developed along with the young inhabitant of the Cidade Tiradentes district so as to involve the community as much as possible and to establish the centre as a gathering point for children that otherwise would be on the streets.

Finally, in order to promote the centre, the theatre company decided to take part in a theatre festival around Latin America, sponsored by private and public sponsors, involving some of the people who attend the workshops.

by Federica Taccari

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