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We interviewed two people from the Hub’s staff and two of its current members so as to have a more balanced and general overview.


The two young people, both nearly 25, who we spoke to, had been working in the Sao Paolo Hub for a very short time (two or three weeks). They both had some previously experience in the same network, in Canada, London and Sweden.


Thiago recently chose to start staging a new kind of tourism-related business, called SoulSampa (

Felipe is a manager providing advisory for companies looking for a deeper involvement in the cultural field.


The Hub was founded in London by Jonathan Robinson in 2005. Today, it is present in 12 cities around the world. The Sao Paolo site was recently opened in September 2008 and it is led by two young managers.

According to the institution’s description on the web (, it is a social enterprise with the ambition to inspire and support imaginative and enterprising initiatives for a better world. The Hub does this by creating places with all the necessary tools needed to grow and develop new ventures. They provide access to experience, knowledge, finance and markets. The actual work areas are shared in an open-space with many desks and chairs (and some hammocks). There’s also a kitchen with a large dining room.

Informality, conviviality and diversity are the keywords.

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Staff’s interview:

The two young managers talked about their personal experiences, their choice to join The Hub project, the fascinating mood derived from always being in touch with open-minded and enthusiastic people, and the unfailing difficulties from the economic point of view.

The venture is a franchise, funded through rents paid by members and events hosted in the space. By becoming members, a firm and its representatives benefit from a wide range of facilities, furniture and secretarial services. The membership is potentially without an “expiration” date.

There is a presence of very diverse members. The common ground is represented by their social, “green,” and creative attitude. The selection of members is a two-step process: firstly, the local hub receives all the membership applications; secondly, based on staff, technical, and personal evaluations, a certain percentage of applicants is subject to a face-to-face interview. After this, a final decision is made. Today, there are around 90 members.

Members’ interview:

Thiago considers the Hub “the new way to do business”, an environment where the informal relationships and a genuine dreaming enthusiasm enables a creative approach and passionate effort toward business activities.

Felipe likes the possibility to work side-by-side with professionals from different businesses and to discover, day by day, new possible remunerative synergies.

by Matteo Zanetti

[1] Source: The Hub website (

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